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Time-Saving Exercise Circuits

Time-Saving Exercise Circuits

As a personal trainer, many of my clients ask this similar question: "How can I get a quick and effective workout in less than 30 minutes?". Although, there is not one exercise routine that works for every individual, I often recommend this challenging set of exercises because it incorporates basic exercises into a circuit routine.

This type of circuit was created by Coach Dan John, a strength and conditioning coach with over 30 years of experience. You'll perform 5 exercises for 10 circuits. On your first circuit, you'll start with 10 reps of each exercise and decrease the number of reps by one each circuit. For example, on your second circuit you'll perform 9 reps of each exercise, then 8 reps on your next circuit until you reach 1 rep of each exercise on your 10th circuit. You can always use these guidelines, but switch the exercises.

Here are two of my favourite circuits using this method. 

Before you begin, take your time to review the proper technique for these exercises. Make adequate space and place your equipment in order so that you can simply jump right into it without wasting any time setting up between exercises.

Choose a weight that is light enough so that you can perform all 10 reps on your first circuit with proper form. If you can perform all 10 circuits with the same weight, you may want to increase the weight for the next time. Always start with a lighter weight to ensure proper technique, control and range of motion. To prevent injury, stop or take a break if you are unable to maintain proper technique at any point during the 10 circuits. 

During the circuit, take 5-10 second breaks in between exercises. Once you've completed your circuit, break for 60-90 seconds in between circuits for recovery. 

Circuit 1: 10 reps x 5 exercises (Break: 5-10 seconds between exercise)

Break: 60-90 seconds

Circuit 2: 9 reps x 5 exercises 

Break: 60-90 seconds

Circuit 3: 8 reps x 5 exercises

Break: 60-90 seconds

Circuit 4: 7 reps x 5 exercises


Circuit 10: 1 rep x 5 exercises

Perform this circuit at least once or twice a week, giving your body enough time in between those days for recovery; I would not recommend performing this circuit on consecutive days.

Once you've completed all the circuits, perform a cool down of your choice and stretch.

Circuit 1

Exercise 1: Chin-up or Plank Back Row

Exercise 4: Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings

Exercise 5: Planks

Circuit 2

Exercise 1: Reverse Lunges

Exercise 2: Turkish Get-Up

Exercise 4: Double Clean and Press

Exercise 5: Bicycle Crunch

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